Monday, September 19, 2011

Upper Tule!

30 footer
30 footer
Well i don't remember who thought it would be fun to go run this drainage but they were right it was amazing! we hiked down into the ran a very short ways only 200 yards. when we put in we had to portage right away.. after the short portage we walked down streem to scout the first rapid. it was a lide into a herizon line.. we figured we should check out the next drop while we were out of our boats.. when we climed over and got a glimps of what was to come all of us were overwelmed with joy to see a sweet looking 30 footer after looking a little bit longer we relized that on the left side there was a rock hidden under the water. we decided so run far right witch was also a sketch line.. it was a 2 foot slide of a kicker and a 28 foot free fall to a reconect with the rock and bouncing hard into the water. When i dropped in i felt like i had a pretty good line from the top i was calm and relaxed but when i hit the reconect my head wiplashed back and paddle was blown out of my hands and my friends at the bottom made sure i was ok and my asking if my back was broken i assured them i was ok and started to decent the rest of the run. later in the run we came to another huge herizon line. we scouted on the right and found ourselves looking at a sick double drop a 10 into a sick 22 footer!

Such an amazing place to be i cant wait to explore more sections of the tule river.. after many more fun slides and an awesome 12 footer we were at the take out.

All of us were sad to be off of the run.. its an amazing place with very few portages!

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