Sunday, September 25, 2011

Kern Playboating

Inbetween kayaking all the creeks it was nice to get on the kern witch was going off huge flows!! got a nice play wave witch is called our wave! starts coming in around 6000.. Not much to say on the wave other than no eddy but a nice big pool after to get out at and a nice trail to walk back up on!

Just some surfin and a decent round house good time out on the river

Monday, September 19, 2011

Upper Tule!

30 footer
30 footer
Well i don't remember who thought it would be fun to go run this drainage but they were right it was amazing! we hiked down into the ran a very short ways only 200 yards. when we put in we had to portage right away.. after the short portage we walked down streem to scout the first rapid. it was a lide into a herizon line.. we figured we should check out the next drop while we were out of our boats.. when we climed over and got a glimps of what was to come all of us were overwelmed with joy to see a sweet looking 30 footer after looking a little bit longer we relized that on the left side there was a rock hidden under the water. we decided so run far right witch was also a sketch line.. it was a 2 foot slide of a kicker and a 28 foot free fall to a reconect with the rock and bouncing hard into the water. When i dropped in i felt like i had a pretty good line from the top i was calm and relaxed but when i hit the reconect my head wiplashed back and paddle was blown out of my hands and my friends at the bottom made sure i was ok and my asking if my back was broken i assured them i was ok and started to decent the rest of the run. later in the run we came to another huge herizon line. we scouted on the right and found ourselves looking at a sick double drop a 10 into a sick 22 footer!

Such an amazing place to be i cant wait to explore more sections of the tule river.. after many more fun slides and an awesome 12 footer we were at the take out.

All of us were sad to be off of the run.. its an amazing place with very few portages!

Horseshoe Days!!!!!!!!!!

This was an amazing day.. the main thing you should know about this event is that everyone gets worked! its a great time. i thought the best way to take this beating was with a friend.. so me and my good friend andrew mathews took the DD into this beast.. i thought it would be good to loop in so i went for it but andrew didnt thinks so so he pulled out and we window shaded hard got face surfed in the hole got spit out and both tried to roll on opposite sides causing us to do absolutely nothing other than sit upside down. After a good day of beat downs and friends we all met up at pizza barn and got awords.. best roll in the hole for the DD

Forks of the Kern!

The beautiful hike in clouded by smoke,The Crew
Spencer, me, Evan
After the South fork of the Kaweah we had made plans to go to Dinky creek but most the crew had dropped out and we decided not to go. Only austin decided to go.. Check his website out for other rivers and reviews. So deciding to stay in the valley we went up to do an over nighter on the forks of the kern. After scavenging over night gear together and stashed it in the back of my jefe we went up into the high country and made the short easy 2 mile hike in.. With high water on the kern 4000cfs and a 17 mile wilderness class 4-5 run, we were just super excited! when we made it to the put in we jumped right in our boats and just got on the ever right away.. it was nice to have some volume under you.. After 2 or 3 miles we made it to the first class 5 called lower freeman! a junky tongue into the rapid into a sharp left hand turn with a ledge eddy hole hugging the right wall. we blue angled.. after this its a long ways down tell you reach the next class 5.. but when you do its one of my favorites.. Its called big bean. a long entrance with lots of stout holes and big waves.. end of the rapid ='s a pyramid rock in the center with a huge hole on the left. witch is to be boofed! pure goodness.. the next major rapids you come across are vortex and the gauntlet. vortex is a big stout with a slideing entrance down into a hole. right into a second hole.. i went last when i hit the second hole my stern dropped and my bow came up.. i went completely vertical.. i stomped my nose back down before the ledge hole at the bottom boofed it and paddled through. the next rapid is called the gauntlet.. a series of ledge drops into bigg holes.. after this rapid we set camp!

The next day we awoke and hung around camp for a while.. after a nice relaxing morning we set back out on the river.. the first major rapid we came to is a mile long class 5 called west wall. I decided it was best to scout the biggest part witch was about half way through the rapid.. while we were standing on the rock spencer noticed a boat floating down the rapid. when we relized it was my boat we ran down to the bottom of the rapid and swam acoss luckly catching my boat.. with full intent of loosing my paddle i sat on the shore and looked back across for where i jumped in at and evan leaned down to grab something when he put it his arm in the air i saw my paddle! after these events we got ourselves collected and got back to the run. we found ourselves at carson falls before we knew it.. after a short scout we decided to run the sneek that kept us away form running the 5 foot drop that led into a nasty body surf hole called the "thing" carson was the last big rapid on the run when we made it to the bridge that maked the take out we were all smiles and laughs about the amazing place we had just passed through. the forks is one of the most amzing places i have ever been!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Upper South Fork of the Kaweah.

Daniele R.I.P

The crew
Taken by, Spencer Josif
Part of awesome slides

A few weeks after the south fork of the Kaweah we made it back up to the kaweah to run one of the more exciting runs the kaweah has to offer. We made the journey up therw with me, evan, spencer, eric, and austin. We stopped at a bakery and met up with some italians, Daniele, Gigi, and Giorgio. Arrived at the put in to the run and after a short hike down a steep hill we made it to the creek. Right off the back there was a class 5 stout. A 10 foot ramp into a pillowing meaty hole! No beat down on this but got the nervs going. The second rapied consisted of a good 10 foot boof. After 1 mile of stressful mank we came to a drop that had a pretty crazy entrance with a nasty pot hole on the left taking must of the river up.. and about a 4 foot spot that led into a sick 15 foot slide than a 20 foot slide. after a sick 9 footer austin was bombin down the next part git a boof went over vert and got stuck in a big ledge hole.. after about 100 yards of walking he found his boat and was able to return to the run. After a few more miles of mank a sweet slide section came to be!! Three other slides make this section up.. The big finaly of the run was a super stout 20 footer! the entrance started with a 3 to a 4 to a 5 foot drops into a 7 foot slide and around a courner off the 20! Not to much carnige off of the drop. When we made it to the take out it was all laughs and booty beers for some! good times friends on the river are friends for life

Johnny, Evan, Spencer, Giorgio
Bottom of 20


Top of cherry falls (Johnny Chase)
taken by, Austin Nickell
Haven't posted in a long time.. lets see a recap of the summer..  First expedition of the summer was to the north fork of the Kaweah!! This was our first time to the kaweah it was me evan moore and Javi Ruiz. we didn't know much about the run other then there was one good drop called cherry falls a 25 footer. But we drove up there and decided to go for it with no info.. It started out with Javi having some trouble on the put in slide (pin and swim) but no problems after that. the first significant rapid was a fun 30 to 40 slide ending with a channel hitting you on the left at the bottom. After 1 or 2 more miles of fun read and run class 4 we found ourselves looking over a horizon line. We all hopped out of our boats and checked it out.. With a pretty big hole at the top and a huge flake about 10 feet down the drop and all the other water falling into a seem we decided to make evan go first.. the line was to skate by the hole on the left than charge for left and fall onto the flake hitting and landing flat at the bottom. evan hit the line perfectly so i decided to go next. Hitting the top line just how i had wanted to but ended up not high enough left fell into the seem, going really deep and not coming up for 5 to 6 seconds.. Javi than fallowed by melting into the seem.. good fun rapids after the fact.. a fun 10 food dam into a boulder garden and lots go good qualite slides! took one beat down of about 20 seconds in a ledge hole at the bottom of one of the bigger rapids.. but overall a great run! no portages all clean and good to go! wonderfull way to start the year off!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Basicly so stoked!! brand new Jackson Rock Star!!!!!! so sick!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Me and my Bestie Shannon went out on her first thunder of the year pure good times!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Went up to brush creek on May 12 it was running around 4 on the gauge. Second run in my brand new Jefe Grande. It was a pretty fun ran me, Andrew M. and Andrew P. and Shannon Finch of Karmabe photography.On the big drop about 15 footer ran the middle flick boofed hard throw the Brown Claw up, styled it! After that went down to thunder run on the kern running about 3600cfs class 5 run big name rapids Squash Paddler, Sock'm Dog, The Flume, and Fender Bender. Just me and Andrew M. styled the whole ran! Thanks for taking pics Shannon!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Went up to Indictor wave today it was kinda fun.. Just me and evan my mom drove and we thought she left  so we started to hitch hike back down to town and by the time someone stopped my mom showed up.. After going out to lunch we went down to power house and surfed this sick wave for a while through a pretty big space godzilla!! epicness!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Went up to cables about 3 30 today, evan, shannon, and myself.. Pretty fun easy class 4 run! lots of kick flips and wave wheels. got down to the lick and evan threw the biggest loop i've ever seen. Right as we got off the water Andrew drove up so we went back up and put in at Chico flats dropped a class 4+ and class 5 in playboats. After that continued on to run cables to town.