Sunday, September 18, 2011

Upper South Fork of the Kaweah.

Daniele R.I.P

The crew
Taken by, Spencer Josif
Part of awesome slides

A few weeks after the south fork of the Kaweah we made it back up to the kaweah to run one of the more exciting runs the kaweah has to offer. We made the journey up therw with me, evan, spencer, eric, and austin. We stopped at a bakery and met up with some italians, Daniele, Gigi, and Giorgio. Arrived at the put in to the run and after a short hike down a steep hill we made it to the creek. Right off the back there was a class 5 stout. A 10 foot ramp into a pillowing meaty hole! No beat down on this but got the nervs going. The second rapied consisted of a good 10 foot boof. After 1 mile of stressful mank we came to a drop that had a pretty crazy entrance with a nasty pot hole on the left taking must of the river up.. and about a 4 foot spot that led into a sick 15 foot slide than a 20 foot slide. after a sick 9 footer austin was bombin down the next part git a boof went over vert and got stuck in a big ledge hole.. after about 100 yards of walking he found his boat and was able to return to the run. After a few more miles of mank a sweet slide section came to be!! Three other slides make this section up.. The big finaly of the run was a super stout 20 footer! the entrance started with a 3 to a 4 to a 5 foot drops into a 7 foot slide and around a courner off the 20! Not to much carnige off of the drop. When we made it to the take out it was all laughs and booty beers for some! good times friends on the river are friends for life

Johnny, Evan, Spencer, Giorgio
Bottom of 20

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