Sunday, September 18, 2011


Top of cherry falls (Johnny Chase)
taken by, Austin Nickell
Haven't posted in a long time.. lets see a recap of the summer..  First expedition of the summer was to the north fork of the Kaweah!! This was our first time to the kaweah it was me evan moore and Javi Ruiz. we didn't know much about the run other then there was one good drop called cherry falls a 25 footer. But we drove up there and decided to go for it with no info.. It started out with Javi having some trouble on the put in slide (pin and swim) but no problems after that. the first significant rapid was a fun 30 to 40 slide ending with a channel hitting you on the left at the bottom. After 1 or 2 more miles of fun read and run class 4 we found ourselves looking over a horizon line. We all hopped out of our boats and checked it out.. With a pretty big hole at the top and a huge flake about 10 feet down the drop and all the other water falling into a seem we decided to make evan go first.. the line was to skate by the hole on the left than charge for left and fall onto the flake hitting and landing flat at the bottom. evan hit the line perfectly so i decided to go next. Hitting the top line just how i had wanted to but ended up not high enough left fell into the seem, going really deep and not coming up for 5 to 6 seconds.. Javi than fallowed by melting into the seem.. good fun rapids after the fact.. a fun 10 food dam into a boulder garden and lots go good qualite slides! took one beat down of about 20 seconds in a ledge hole at the bottom of one of the bigger rapids.. but overall a great run! no portages all clean and good to go! wonderfull way to start the year off!!

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